Disable Windows 10 Microsoft Edge Notification

Disable Windows 10 Microsoft Edge Notification: Should you use Chrome browser on Windows 10, that point on consistently you can be notified you should use Microsoft Edge as Chrome drains more battery or Chrome is slower than Edge. I ran across both these reasons stupid this also marketing gimmick from Microsoft have gone several users disappointed. Apparently, the use of Edge you may earn rewards but none of them with the users likes to consider this pushy notification from Windows and so are searching for a method to disable them.

First of all, adore the look notifications will not be generated by Microsoft Edge itself, these are system generated notifications. Like other notification that enable you simply right-click with them and choose Disable notification, you can’t try this of those notifications. Since the choice is greyed out and there’s strategy to silence them.

Disable Windows 10 Microsoft Edge Notification

Now site in order to your Windows peacefully without seeing these so called Ads from Microsoft, you will find a simple toggle which will disable most of these annoying notifications. So without wasting every time let’s observe how to Disable Windows 10 Microsoft Edge Notification through the help of the below-listed guide.

Disable Windows 10 Microsoft Edge Notification

Be sure you build a restore point, in the event something breaks down.

  1. Press Windows Key + I to look at Settings then check out System. click on System
  2. With the left-hand menu select Notifications & actions.
  3. Scroll right down to Notifications section and look for “Get tips, tricks, and suggestions since you use Windows“. Turn off the toggle for Get tips tricks and suggestions as you use Windows
  4. You’ll find a toggle under above setting, just disable it.

That’s it you’ve got successfully Disable Windows 10 Microsoft Edge Notification however if you still need any queries in regards to this article then you can also question them from the comment’s section.

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