How to Export Opera Bookmarks to Other Browser

There is a way how to export Opera bookmarks. The brand new Chromium based Opera enables you to import bookmarks using the business browsers like Firefox, Chrome, IE, other browser and thru an HTML file. But opera doesn’t allow you to export bookmarks.

Should you began to use opera recently, among the questions you most likely have is how to export bookmarks from opera browser, and also to move it to a different browser. Should you used Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome before, you already know it is simple to discover the bookmarks manager, and export bookmarks into HTML file to be able to import the document later in Chrome or Firefox. Because it ended up, this function isn’t obtainable in Opera which is difficult to export bookmarks to HTML or any other common formats.

How to Export Opera Bookmarks

This method of how to export Opera bookmarks includes the creation the HTML file which may be imported later into another browser. If you wish to export the bookmarks and import it to Opera (for instance, you need to reinstall windows on your PC). You’ll be able to make use of this quick and easy method of doing it.

  • Go to add-ons in Opera and install bookmarks import & export extension.

how to export opera bookmarks

how to export opera bookmarks

  • Once installed, within the top right corner from the browser you will see a brand new icon, so when you press about it, you will notice the screen with available import and export to export opera bookmarks
  • Press “export” button and also the file can look as Bookmarks.html in Opera download folder, which is personal files that you could import into any browser.
  • This HTML file can be simply imported in almost any browser. The import procedure for this file from Opera is identical in just about all browsers in most cases are available in the bookmarks settings.

Export Opera Bookmarks

Improve your Opera browser towards the latest version or make use of the download page of opera to download its latest version. And then you have to launch the browser.

Click Opera menu icon > Bookmarks > Show all bookmarks. It’ll open bookmarks page of Opera. You may also use “Ctrl+Shift+B” hotkey to get into bookmarks page.

how to export opera bookmarks

In bookmarks page, click “Export bookmarks” options.

how to export opera bookmarks


This is how to export Opera bookmarks to other browser. Save as window will open. You are able to choose the destination location, provide a name towards the output file, after which all of your Opera desktop bookmarks is going to be held in the output HTML file.

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